1. Saturday, July 22nd Kampeska Cup Race, West end of Sandy Shore State Park - 1:00 pm
  2. Please bring your Marine VHF radios if you have one (channel 68) (not required)

  3. Race start time will be 1:00 pm.

  4. There will only be one start sequence per race, all boats start together

  5. If a second race is run, it will be up to the committee boat, if present to begin the start sequence the second time.

  6. Check in with committee boat if one is present at the start line prior to each race.

  7. Registration will be at 11:30AM 

  8. Skippers meeting at 12:00 .

Race course may be modified by the race committee. The race course will normally be triangular in shape with three marks A, B and C. The start and finish of the race will be at the C mark. The first leg will be sailing to windward to the A mark, leg 2 will be from A to B, leg 3 will be from B to C, let 4 will be from C to A and the last leg 5 will be back to C between the C mark and the committee boat. The race course is shown below.


The following start sequence will be used for all races. All boats will race together unless otherwise agreed to







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